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Business world — is the world without borders. Your customers live on all continents - how can you inform them about the benefits of your product. Maesang global helps business to communicate with clients on new markets and conduct effective advertising campaigns in their region and abroad.

About comapny

Globally. Locally. Effectively.

About Company

We will give you support on new markets. Wherever they are

Maesang global works mainly with manufacturers of goods and technologies. Our services are focused on helping our clients to build and promote brands, drive sales, expand into new markets and succeed.

Service systems of Maesang global

  • Marketing researches
  • Creativity and Design
  • Digital promotion
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • Advertising production

We speak all languages

Maesang global is focused on serving clients from the countries of the European Union, Asia and Eastern Europe. We have assembled a multinational team of experienced project managers who are well versed in the specifics of the advertising markets in these regions. Our specialists understand well the needs of the companies entering new markets and are ready to offer effective solutions for their advertising and marketing tasks.

The head office of the Maesang global is based in Korea. Here we are closest to industrial clusters specializing in the production of advertising materials.

Team for your project

For each project we form an effective team of specialists who have a good understanding of the cultural characteristics and business traditions of the region on which the advertising campaign is focused. Maesang global Services cooperates with talented marketers, project managers, art directors, web designers, photographers and other professionals in the advertising market in Europe and Asia. In these regions we work with leading local contractors - advertising and research groups, event agencies, printing houses.
For each project we form an effective team of specialists who have a good understanding of the cultural characteristics and business traditions of the region on which the advertising campaign is focused.

Agency services

Market research

Find out all about your market and consumers!

If you want to know in advance how your product will be perceived on a new market? Order marketing research at Maesang global.

According to your request we will study the market situation and the competitive environment, conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews and shelf tests in the regional and local markets of the European Union, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Creative approach and Design

On the same wavelength with market

Is your company entering a new market and looking for a partner who can implement an advertising campaign locally? Maesang global is pleased to offer you its services! We work with creative and advertising groups in all regions of the world and understand the specifics of local promotion.

Sometimes in order to make your product successful on a new market, it needs to be "repackaged" - to develop a new name, new style, new label design taking into account the cultural characteristics of the sales region. People are always more loyal to those brands whose image is clear and close to them.

Maesang global team will help you to create a trade mark that will work effectively in the local market.


  • Brands development
  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • New brand style development
  • Brandbook service


  • Advertising campaigns conceptions
  • Ideas for print, outdoor and internet advertisement
  • Slogans and marketing copies
  • Media planning


  • Layout of print, outdoor and internet advertisement
  • Design, typesetting and preparation catalogs, booklets, calendars, etc
  • Packaging of food products design
  • Souvenirs design
  • Corporate outfit design
  • Registration of corporate transport


  • Photography
  • 3D-models development
  • Illustrations creation


  • Script creation
  • Model scouting
  • Field and pavilion shooting
  • Drone Panoramic Shooting
  • Animation creation
  • Music
  • Sound recording
  • Postproduction

Digital promotion

Turn online sales to the max!

Where to look for new clients? Of course on the worldwide network! Maesang global develops and implements new digital marketing tools, designs corporate websites and helps businesses to create original content for corporate online projects and social networks.

Web-sites creation and promotion

  • Web-site structure development
  • UI Kit
  • Web-site design
  • Copywriting
  • Selection and creation of images
  • Interactive services programming
  • Functional and effort test
  • Server architecture setup
  • Server architecture setup
  • Web-site launch
  • Web-site work support
  • SEO-promotion and optimization

Web based tools development

  • Mobile applications development
  • Development of platforms for digital marketing
  • Online programs and interactive services development

Creation of original content of corporate profiles on social networks

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Texts
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Broadcasting
  • Interaction with the audience

Exhibitions & Events

Success depends on every detail!

International exhibitions — the best place to introduce your products to the world and to present yourself. Seminars, conferences and trainings help to unite the team and increase sales. Especially if you hold them in an unusual place - in a popular resort or in a city famous for its sights.

The Maesang global will help you organize an unforgettable event anywhere in the world. We will coordinate hundreds of important details and provide you with conditions for efficient work and comfortable rest.

Just let us know the date of the event and the planned number of participants and we will make sure that everything goes perfectly.

All kind of promotional materials

  • Selection and leasing of premises
  • Leasing of exhibition space
  • Event style (design of logo and advertising models)
  • Design and creation of an exhibition stand
  • Online support (web-site design and launch, registration and processing of applications of participants)
  • Outdoor advertising (banners, posters, billboards)
  • Interior decoration
  • Leasing and installation of equipment (video projectors, screens, sound systems, lighting, furniture)
  • Everyday service available (drinks, coffee breaks, cleaning)
  • Gift boxes for participants
  • Preparing an entertainment program (excursions, smorgasbords, parties)
  • Service personnel recruitment (waiters, bartenders, cleaners, drivers)
  • Transport and logistic (transfer of participants and delivery of goods, booking hotels and renting storage facilities)

Production of promotional materials

Give an unforgettable impression!

Сorrespondence-quality printing will show your products and services at their best. Tell your customers about all the benefits of your offer and they will not remain indifferent!

Maesang global will print the circulation and deliver it to the regional offices of your company or send it directly to your clients all over the world. A printed catalog, gift calendar or an engaging corporate magazine – it is the best way to keep in touch with your important customers, especially if they are the older generation!

All kind of promotional materials

  • Booklets
  • Catalogs
  • Corporate magazines and newspapers
  • Calendars
  • Invitation cards and envelopes
  • Flyers

Advertising structures

All ways to gain attention

If your company participates in a major international exhibition, use the service of the Maesang global to optimize costs and save on logistics!

We will design an exhibition stand for you, prepare an estimate and technical drawings, leasing and will deliver the necessary equipment, will control the quality of the stand assembly, will connect communications and provide your team with everything necessary for daily work

In addition our company designs, creates and supplies mobile stands for various promotions and presentations.

All kind of advertising constructions

  • Exhibition stands
  • Landmobile stands for presentations
  • Plasma screens
  • Sign boards
  • Plates
  • Directional signs

Corporate souvenirs

Presents for those who is important to your business

Souvenir - a small courtesy that always brings a good impression. Maesang global is ready to provide your company with any souvenirs: from traditional T-shirts with corporate symbols to original gifts created by individual design.

For exhibitions, seminars, presentations and other important events we create souvenir sets packed in a special gift box or bag.

Souvenirs devices

  • Computer mouse
  • USB flash drives
  • Clock
  • Power banks

Souvenirs for notes

  • Day planners
  • Notebooks
  • Task planners
  • Stickers
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Marker pens

Practical souvenirs with company symbols

  • Kitchenware (mugs, plates, water bottles etc.)
  • Cloth (T shirts, polo, neck-cloth, baseball caps etc.)
  • Pins and keychains

Gift wrappings

  • Bags
  • Boxes
  • Wrapper
  • Ribbons
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